The History of Project Probe

Morgansoft Ltd began work on Probe in April 2013 and version 1.0 was finished in March 2014, nearly a year after it started. Countless hours of Construction Project Management Business Analysis, IT Architecture and Development has gone in to building the product.

With a Project-Centric approach, several iterations of the software has seen the development of the following modules:

  • Alerts
  • Business Directory, with Contacts
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Tendering & Estimating
  • Projects - Projects Teams, Information, Documents & Assets, Site Operative Tracking, Diary Tracking, Subcontractors, Subcontractor Performance, Residents Records
  • Project Finances - Budgets & Costings
  • Purchase Order Requests, Ordering and Fullfillment
  • Works Orders and Payment Terms
  • Applications
  • Surveyor Valuations
  • Subcontractor Payment Certificates, with Payless Notices and Retentions
  • Materials Database
  • Plant Database
  • Flexible Static Data Editing
  • Customer Service
  • Office - Document Repository, Stock Room Control, Staff Training Courses
  • Accountancy - Double-Entry Accounting with Cost Centres and Vat Rates

All of this has been delivered using the latest technologies and with the user experience first and foremost in mind. Twitter Bootstrap UI has been employed to enable decent rendering on mobile devices and a very clean implementation using best practices. The robust recording of all financial data in the system and in particularly calculations of Project Positions was a requirement from the outset, so a 'Double Entry Accounting' module was needed. Full user auditing and tracking is provided out of the box, complete with cut and paste exporting and Word format document downloads with customer templating.

You can read more in the Features Page.